Thnks Wins “Small Business Assist” Recognition

Between firing off emails, shuffling to-and-from meetings, and downing more cups of coffee than we could keep track of, what started off as the typical Monday grind for the Thnks team turned into an exemplary start to an exciting week when we received word that we were chosen as the first winners of Fiverr’s “Small Business Assist” program. 

In partnership with the NBA team the Brooklyn Nets, Fiverr has kicked off 2020 by running the Small Biz Assist contest to celebrate the grit, determination, and hustle of small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs that are local to the New York City area. After reviewing Thnks’ entry submission, both the Nets and Fiverr loved our mission of bringing gratitude, thoughtfulness, and appreciation back into the business world, and decided to give us the big W. 

Both Fiverr and the Nets admired that we founded a platform with the purpose of empowering individuals and businesses alike to send thoughtful gestures of appreciation to those who are important in both their professional and personal lives. In an effort to help us promote the power of gratitude to the masses, the two organizations elected Thnks for the program to aid us in reaching high-level business leaders that work with Fiverr and attend Net’s games:

So what does the Small Biz Assist win include, exactly? Well, in addition to providing Thnks with some major brand exposure, our team was lucky enough to receive a VIP suite during a Nets game after being selected to participate in the program. 

Once we heard about the achievement, we eagerly blocked off our Google cals and geared up to spend the following Friday night living the suite life while watching the Nets face the Bulls. Despite missing the correct subway stop and having to double back in our effort to get to Barclays, we did successfully make it on time for the game, and loved being greeted with free Biggie bobbleheads in the process of making our way to the venue.

In addition to watching the Nets defeat the Bulls, spending some quality time together, and getting to know new colleagues from Fiverr and the Nets, one of the greatest highlights of the evening was seeing our company logo displayed all over various sections of Barclays. 

Thnks Small Business Assist WinThnks Small Biz Assist WinThnks Small Biz Assist Win

We are incredibly Thnkful that both Fiverr and the Nets provided us with this special and memorable opportunity, and we’re immensely appreciative to start our 2020 off with the Small Biz Assist acknowledgment. 

To learn more about how Thnks helps businesses implement gratitude in order to grow and strengthen professional relationships, sign up for a demo!

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