Product Update: Thnks Salesforce App

At Thnks we are constantly developing our platform to better meet the needs of our clients and make growing business through gratitude easier. In keeping with this goal, we have recently released a new app on the Salesforce AppExchange

Our clients who are Salesforce users needed a way to track their utilization of Thnks and better understand the impact it was having within their Salesforce system. At the pro and enterprise level, Thnks offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities so that team leaders can know exactly how Thnks is being used among their team members. Now, Thnks users that enable the Thnks Salesforce App will be able to track activity directly in Salesforce.

End-to-End Experience

This provides a uniquely robust experience for Chrome users who have downloaded the Thnks Chrome Extension. You can read more about that here. Or download it here. With the Thnks Chrome extension in place, users can send Thnks right from their Salesforce environment (from the lead or contact page). Combined with the new Thnks Salesforce App, the result is a full end-to-end experience of sending and tracking Thnks without ever leaving Salesforce!

Added Visibility

Essentially, the app enables a ‘Thnks’ custom object where each Thnks sent by a user is automatically captured in Salesforce. Relevant information about the Thnks is inserted as well, such as:

  • The name of the Thnks
  • The sending user
  • The recipient contact or lead
  • A brief description of the Thnks sent
  • Send method (e.g. email)
  • Thnks ID and transaction ID
  • Send date
  • Status (delivered, opened, redeemed, etc.)
  • Message that was included with the Thnks
  • The cost of the Thnks
  • And more!

Additionally, the Thnks custom object is associated with both contacts and leads and can be added to contact/lead page layouts, giving easy access and visibility to Thnks sends right from the contact/lead record.

Tracking and Reporting

And don’t forget about reporting! Now Salesforce users that enable the Thnks Salesforce App will be able to build custom reports and dashboards to track things like Thnks sends per account, account values where Thnks were sent, Thnks cost at the individual or account roll-up level, as well as, number of Thnks by status, and much more!

For those Salesforce users who operate with the rule that “if it’s not in Salesforce it didn’t happen,” this is a vital step to supporting the movement to leverage gratitude in their interactions with clients and prospects. And for anyone that is thinking about using Thnks to grow their business who is on Salesforce, know that you’ll have the tracking and reporting you need to show the value of Thnks to your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about Thnks for your business, request a demo!