Thnks Named 25 Best Software Companies to Work for in NYC by The Software Report

This is our favorite kind of press. 

The kind that emphasizes who we are. The kind we know is genuine— based on an anonymous survey with voluntary employee commentary and feedback. The kind that makes us take a minute to appreciate what makes Thnks special, and inspires us to be better. 

We’re excited to announce that this week, Thnks was selected as one of 25 Best Software Companies to Work for in New York City by The Software Report. To be recognized alongside Bloomberg, Vimeo, Outbrain, and several other inspiring companies is both humbling and gratifying. 

When considering the myriad of elements that make Thnks unique, we know that it’s the key principles that shape our culture and keep us Thnkful to come into the office every weekday: 

Be Thoughtful

We infuse thoughtfulness into all of our actions. Whether it’s a quick meeting or a large project plan, we think through problems and potential solutions, and ensure we’ve taken approaches to those solutions that incorporate gratitude and empathy. 

Practice Extreme Ownership

We take personal responsibility for the clients, projects, or programs we are working on. Holding ourselves accountable ensures that we’re always striving for the best results. 

Challenge Convention

We don’t do something just because, “that’s the way it’s always been done.” We aim to be creative, find unique ways to problem-solve, and aren’t afraid to think outside of the box. 

Be Courageous 

We encourage ourselves to step outside of our comfort zones to take on new challenges. Whether it’s an unfamiliar project, speaking opportunity, or product focus, pushing ourselves assures that we grow and improve. 

Always Say Thnks

With our business centered around appreciation, we strive to always practice what we preach, and include gratitude and compassion in everything that we do. 

While there are other factors that make Thnks a great place to work— like our monthly “Thnks Days” geared towards internal bonding and giving back to the greater New York City community— these values shape our culture and workplace into an environment where we can all work hard, be happy, learn, and grow together. 

Here’s to being a great place to work in 2020 and beyond!

The Software Report Best Companies to Work For 2020 Award