A Bundle of Thnks!: Introducing “Thnks Bundles”

At Thnks, our goal is to put gratitude at the forefront of business interactions. So when we get suggestions from the Thnks community that demonstrate a gratitude-centric mindset, we have to add them within the platform. Enter Thnks’ newest product feature: Thnks Bundles

A few of our power users have been asking to send multiple products all bundled together as a package. Similarly, we’ve noticed users sending multiple Thnks in succession to the same individuals, all to build more genuine experiences for recipients. 

The data was clear— some products, when paired together, are greater than the sum of their parts. Just like peanut butter, jelly, and bread are better as a PB&J sandwich. The experiences that these bundles provide can demonstrate true thoughtfulness and make a large impact on intended recipients. 

So we built bundles within Thnks so that you can share more holistic experiences with those in your network. 

Starting today, you’ll notice these bundles appear in the Thnks platform. We’ve curated some of our favorites to get you started:

The Work From Home Bundle:  
  • Cowin Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Home Office Essentials from Amazon
Dinner and a Movie Bundle
  • A Movie Night at Home
  • Dinner from GrubHub
Happy Hour at Home Bundle
  • Joel Gott Cabernet 815
  • The Charcuterie Cutie Box

Sending a bundle is as easy as sending any other Thnks: just select the bundle, choose your recipient(s), write your message, and send. 

Add these bundles into your gratitude repertoire and let us know how they are received! 

Come up with a bundle idea? Send it over to the Thnks team at support@thnks.com and we’ll work on adding it in the platform!