The Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Gifting

Finding the perfect gift for your bosses, coworkers, clients, and prospects can be an intimidating task.  The fear of gifting someone the wrong gift that may come off as inappropriate or end up in the garbage is real.  There is no science behind the right  way to go about corporate gifting, but there are some rules of thumb to follow in making your thoughtful gesture worthwhile.

Why is Corporate Gifting Important?

If you are ever second guessing whether or not you should be showing your gratitude through corporate gifting, the simple answer is yes.  Showing your appreciation of others’ work is a nice way of letting them know that you care.  From an Uber ride to a bouquet of flowers, what you give, and how you go about it, reveals a lot about you and your organization.

The manner in which the gift is given, as well as the actual gift, is crucial.  However, what is even more important is proactively seeking out your recipient’s preferences.  This will lead you to give them something that will be a constant reminder of the quality of your relationship.  It’s all about building and maintaining trust in business.  Not to mention, doing anything in your power to keep someone around as a long-term client is greatly beneficial.

The Do’s And Don’ts

It is vital to be unique and stand out amongst the countless companies that send generic gifts, especially during the holidays.  People receive piles upon piles of useless promotional stickers and branded notebooks. What’s the point in that?

Let’s be real, nobody has a deep desire to walk around with bragging rights because their computer is dressed up with a sticker that has your company’s name on it. “Look at this amazing sticker! It was a gift from a new business partner they sent to me after we closed a deal.”  No, just so much no.

Opting in for a “safe” gift is always the easy way out, but let’s not do that.  Following these tips and tricks when it comes to corporate gifting will guarantee your recipient receives a gift to remember.    

DO Make It Personal And Practical

Personal doesn’t mean a monogrammed fleece blanket and practical doesn’t mean something from the dollar store.  Giving a generic and impersonal gift is quite frankly a waste; a waste of time, money, and what could have been a useful gesture.  Really think about what it is that your person of interest would be elated to receive, something that can be incorporated into their everyday life.

Let’s say one of your employee’s far exceeds their goals for the month.  Every time you walk by their desk, you can’t help but notice the candy bowl that is always full.  Then you remember how much they enjoy talking about their childhood. The Nostalgic Candy Box is the perfect way to say “Congratulations” while adding a simple touch of personalization.

DON’T Make It Promotional

If you were debating gifting someone an item that you would normally give as a handout at an event or tradeshow, DON’T DO IT!  Marketing tools and genuine gifting are not interchangeable. It can be seen as insulting and generic instead of being received as a thoughtful token of appreciation.  The most you want to do is place a branded sticker to seal an envelope, if that.

DO Be Creative

We all know those people who go a little crazy when putting together the perfect gift.  Thinking outside of the box when coming up with a thoughtful gesture to pass along to someone you work with is not always easy.  Brainstorming a list of things you know about them is a good place to start.

You just closed a deal with a new client over a game of golf.  What better than to give them one dozen Callaway Golf Balls.  They clearly enjoyed the game of golf you two shared enough to sign off on a major deal.  

DON’T Be Cheap

Budgeting is an important aspect of business and keeping the ship afloat.  Trying to save money anywhere possible is valid, but not so much when it comes to corporate gifting.  A good caliber to measure how much you should spend on a gift for someone you have a business relationship with is by noting how much you would spend on a dinner meeting.   Keep in mind that corporate gifting is just about an item, it’s about expressing gratitude. While it is important to not be cheap, it is possible to send a thoughtful gift that is inexpensive.

DO Have Fun

Gift giving is not meant to be a daunting task or burn a hole in your wallet.  All it takes is a little planning and creativity to turn a thoughtful gesture into what could be a passion project.

We can all agree that the word “Fun” comes to mind when thinking about a startup space.  Ready to add a little jazz into your office and boost morale by a gazillion? Gift your employees for a year-end job well done with A JOOLA Ping Pong Table.  After all, Startups are known for having the most aesthetically pleasing and over the top office spaces.  Not only will giving the gift be fun but utilizing it will be double!

DON’T Use Gifts As Bribes

Not every employee, colleague, client, or prospect is deserving of a gift and it is not something that should be used as a bribe.  It is not likely that every organization is used to the idea of corporate gift giving nor can all of them accept gifts due to compliance regulations.  Don’t let that deter you, though. For the right relationship, the right gift can make you stand out from the crowd and grow the trusting bond you are building or already share.

DO Show Appreciation Year Round

The Holiday season is ironically not always the best time to show gratitude.  It is a time of year that is saturated with gift giving in every sense of the word and is seen as an expected gesture.  Showing appreciation when it is least expected is sure to leave a mark and positively change someone’s perception of your relationship.

First impressions do matter.  The first meeting with a prospect is always the one you want to make memorable.   Why not send them a little box full of happiness to say “Nice to meet you!”? The Sunshine Box is the perfect box to add a little sunshine to anyone’s day.  

How Thnks Can Help You Give Gifts

Thnks is here to help you grow and strengthen business relationships.   At the touch of your fingertips, we can help you find the perfect gesture of appreciation for any recipient.  From “Thinking of You” to “Welcoming a Newborn”, we have everything categorized to make your decision that much easier.  

Any occasion is an appropriate one to show someone your gratitude and Thnks has a gift for every single one of them.  From National Rum Day to National Bosses Day and every day in between, look no further for assistance in making your gift giving journey that much easier.

Written by: Ariella Sharf, Editor and Founder of Heart and Vogue