The 5 Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Holiday Gifting

Did you know there is an art to gifting? If you don’t see it as such, you may not be gifting in a way that resonates with your recipients. Gifting is about showing someone that you understand them on a personal level. So much so, that you have complete confidence they will enjoy the gift you have sent them.

The risk in sending a gift that bares no personal connectivity with the recipient is that it will not be remembered. That would be a shame since you probably spent hours of time shopping, wrapping, writing cards, and mailing.

With the holidays just around the corner, here are the top dos and don’ts for gifting your clients this holiday season:

Corporate Holiday Gifting Do’s
1. Make sure your gift is compliant. Learn if the recipient has a corporate gift policy. Make sure you take that into consideration as it could put you and the recipient in an uncomfortable situation.
2. Make it useful and practical. The best gifts are the ones that people will use instead of tossing.
3. Make it personal. Give something that demonstrates you know what’s important to them. If you are not sure check out their social pages.
4. Send experiences. Not only will this stand out, the recipient will think of you while they are enjoying the event.
5. Include a personal note. If it’s too generic the recipient won’t remember who sent the gift.

Corporate Holiday Gifting Don’ts
1. Don’t send a gift that is too personal as that can send the wrong message.
2. Don’t mass gift and send the same gift to everyone on your list.
3. Don’t market your company and send branded gifts. This sends the wrong message especially during the holidays.
4. Don’t give expensive gifts. It is not about the price of the gift, it is about the thought behind the gift.
5. Don’t expect too much in return for sending a gift. Sending holiday gifts to clients is one of those necessary evils.

Bottom Line
Here at Thnks we recognize that personalization is the key to successful gifting. Our platform enables you to send all of the recipients on your list unique gifts in no time.

Thnks has made it easy to incorporate gratitude in your daily workflow. In just a few swipes you can search for the perfect gift, personalize a note, and send it off via SMS or email. If you are interested in learning more request a demo today!