[Podcast] Being An Inspiration With Working Gratitude

Are you an inspiration for others to overcome tough obstacles through an attitude of gratitude?

Co-founder and CEO of Thnks Brendan Kamm sat down with Darin Hollingsworth’s podcast, Working Gratitude to discuss how gratitude is a powerful catalyst for overcoming business and personal challenges. As the Chief gratitude and accountability officer at Odonata Coaching and Consulting, Darin has interviewed numerous successful leaders on relationship building.


Working Gratitude


In the episode, Brendan goes into depth of his journey of how living with and giving gratitude has helped build his personal and business relationships.

After taking a dive into the unknown leaving his stable career with a newborn on the way, Brendan started Thnks crediting his family and colleagues for its continual growth. Experiencing these types of moments inspired him to promote businesses to focus on meaningful relationships, not transactional ones.

Throughout the conversation, you’ll learn why it’s essential to use daily gratitude to promote business and personal growth. As Darin mentions,  “It (gratitude) helps the giver and it inspires the receiver” making it a powerful tool to help yourself and others at the same time. Additionally, Brendan shared practical tips on how you can practice gratitude increasing workplace satisfaction.


Listen to the episode here:

Also available to download on iTunes and Soundcloud


Show Notes

  • How Thnks helps businesses grow through gratitude. [2:oo]
  • Types of gestures of appreciation that can powerfully impact business growth. [3:10]
  • Thnks’ most popular sent item. [3:40]
  • Why Darin nor Brendan believe in transactional relationships. [4:00]
  • What Brendan is grateful for at work. [4:47]
  • Why you need support when starting a business. [5:18]
  • A difficult business challenge Brendan had and turned it around. [6:50]
  • Is having support vital to being successful? [9:06]
  • What happens when you experience an overflow of gratitude? [10:28]
  • Is gratitude a happiness drug? [10:40]
  • How gratitude influences you to make an impact on your community. [11:03]
  • Who is Zammy? [11:20]
  • Brendan’s involvement in the Special Olympics. [12:00]
  • Can you be selfish being in constant gratitude? [12:32]
  • Brendan’s advice to start practicing workplace gratitude every day. [14:18]

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