How to Create Personalized Messages for your Thnks

When you send a Thnks, the goal is to send something that will create an impact and show your recipient you truly appreciate them. Taking the extra step to personalize your message will maximize your results. A personalized message provides context, creates better results, and makes things more memorable. Thnks offers some ideas for messages - but the best practice is to send something that’s specific to your recipient and speaks to them directly.

Here are a few tips on how to create the perfect personalized message to send with a Thnks:

Start with active listening. Take note of things happening around you! By connecting your message to a life event, milestone or hobby, your gesture of gratitude will be more than just a simple thank you. Active listening, is another way to reinforce your relationship with someone and connect on a deeper level. 

Make it timely. Keeping up to date with the people around you is a great way to reinforce your relationship and show that you are invested in them personally. Sending a message that speaks to the current happenings in their life is a great way to cater the Thnks you are giving and make it all the more special. For suggestions on how to use the timing of the Thnks you send for the greatest impact, check out these blogs on timing for Account Management, Sales, and Event Marketing.

Use a sense of humor. Finding the fun side of things is a great way to lighten the mood and add some character and personality behind your Thnks message! Whether it's a clever pun or reference to a shared joke, be sure to liven up your message to make it relevant and reinforce the bond between you and the person receiving your Thnks. Some examples are sending a “Berried in Work” treat to a contact that missed a meeting because they were double booked. Or sending a “Let’s Taco Soon” to a prospect that you are looking forward to meeting soon and showing a demo of your product. There are countless ways to have fun with a Thnks and put a smile on someone’s face. Check out our catalog for additional ideas and inspiration!

Write like a human. Don’t be lazy, and don’t write like a robot (or let one write for you). Taking the extra time to think of small details you can add in your message can have a significant impact on the person receiving it. By connecting the dots between the Thnks you chose and why you chose it specifically for them, it will show a mutual understanding, and really drive home the connection you share and its importance. 

Stay short and sweet. Your messages don’t always have to be essays, oftentimes short and sweet is better! Something concise can make more of an impact. Like this thank you note from Marilyn Monroe that we discussed in a previous blog. It’s only three sentences long, gets straight to the point, and effectively shows her gratitude. 

Keep things friendly. Ditch the formalities and keep things friendly! By taking a friendly approach versus going overly-professional, your message will feel more genuine and add that extra personable touch. 

By going the extra mile to personalize your Thnks message, you’ll ensure your gratitude hits home and makes a lasting impression. Active listening, a bit of humor and a friendly tone are all ways that personalize your message and create a memorable experience for the person receiving your Thnks.

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