Hacks for Writing Thank You Notes

It’s no secret that people love to feel appreciated, so never underestimate the power of a thoughtful and personalized thank you note.  Taking time to send a sincere thank you note/gift shows your appreciation and strengthens relationships with colleagues, clients, and customers.  Studies have repeatedly proven that people work harder and are more loyal when they feel appreciated within their workplace. Similarly, your clients will be significantly more likely to continue using your product/service if they feel valued.  

Whether you’re saying thanks for an interview, a referral, or their business, it’s hard to go wrong with a sincere thank you; however, it can be difficult to come up with the perfect way to say thank you in a professional setting.  Scroll down for some easy tips & tricks for writing the perfect ‘thank you’ note. Remember, there’s always a reason to say Thank You

Writing the Perfect Thank You Note

Keep it Simple!

Include a simple yet genuine message of appreciation and wish them well.  Depending on the situation, end with a mention of seeing them in the future.

Be Timely!

Thank you notes are most impactful when you send them immediately; however, a late thank you is better than none!

Be Personalized!

Include a note about something you have talked about to show your recipient that you listened closely and thoughtfully.  If your client mentioned that they are a caffeine fanatic and can’t get their day started without it, send them a cup of coffee from their favorite shop!  The unique and thoughtful gift is sure to make a lasting impression.

Be Specific!  

Give specific examples demonstrating why you are thankful; don’t be afraid to spell it out for them!  If your employee worked through the weekend to close a deal, thank them for that specifically.

Do the Unexpected!  

In an era where almost all communication occurs online (via email, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), it has become increasingly difficult to stand out.  Send a unique gift along with your thank you note to pleasantly surprise your recipient. Send your top prospect an Uber ride to thank them for coming in on a rainy day, they will definitely be thanking you the whole ride home!

Recognize and Acknowledge Hard Work!

Pay attention to the process, not just the outcomes.  If your employee handled a difficult client with grace and patience, acknowledge their hard work.  This type of positive reinforcement will spread positivity throughout your workplace like wildfire.

If you’re still feeling stuck, take a look at some of our favorite and most successful thnks message + gift examples for inspiration…

Thnks Examples

“Thanks so much for connecting with me this afternoon.  As you are on your road to recovery, I thought that this candle might help you relax.  It somehow always does the trick for me!  Get better Soon!” A Balance and Harmony Candle

“While this isn’t quite the same as a natural smorgasburg acai bowl you mentioned, thought you’d enjoy a couple refreshing drinks as the temperature rises.  Thanks again for your help with our meeting today!” A ‘Berry Nice to Meet You’ Treat

“I know you have a busy week up ahead so I wanted to make sure you stay properly caffeinated.  Thanks for fitting our meeting in on Thursday.  I really appreciate it!”  Starbucks Coffee for the Week

“Happy Friday!  I know you guys have been working around the clock so I wanted to send a little something.  Ride in style to the weekend :)” An Uber Ride

“Thanks for being a big help on all of my requests!  You’re probably not thanked ENOUGH for all your hard work, so have some wine on me!!! :)” A White Wine Bundle

Written by: Camille Lopez-Silvero, Marketing at Thnks