Game Day Gratitude

Why it’s the perfect opportunity to show your sports-loving clients gratitude

No matter who you want to win this year for the big game. there’s no doubt that most Americans will be attending a party or hosting one. Just to give you some context, it is predicted that 69 million people will either host or attend a party.

If you are looking to close January strong, Super Bowl provides an event you can leverage.  Thnks has curated a special Big Game category with popular game-day items such as chicken wings, pizza for everyone, and for that die-hard fan, there are even sports memorabilia options too!  We have also provided extra caffeine for those that have to be at work the next day. Some fun facts: 11 million pizza slices will be ordered, 1.3 billion chicken wings will be eaten, and 14 million people will call out sick on Monday.

Here are some options that will definitely be appreciated:

Domino's pizza party
A Domino’s Pizza Party Good for two large 3-topping specials and one marble cookie brownie.
Beer and wings
   Beer, Chili’s chicken wings, and football – perfect together!

And for your die-hard fans, get them Rams or Patriots gear!

Wrap Up: Leverage the Big Game for the Win

A gesture of appreciation around the Big Game will help you to stand out. Whether it is for a prospect you have been trying to get a hold of or a loyal client you know is hosting a party. A small gesture like this will not only be appreciated but will be remembered for a long time to come.

Thnks  makes it easy to incorporate gratitude in your daily workflow. In just a few seconds you can search for the perfect gift, personalize a note, and send it off via SMS or email. If you are interested in learning more, sign up for a demo today!