Employee Motivation

Employee motivation in the workplace is crucial for creating and sustaining a successful business.  Research shows that only 13% of employees are engaged at work, meaning that the vast majority of workers are disengaged and less likely to perform well. This statistic shines a light on the huge opportunity to ameliorate workplace motivation and ultimately increase productivity.

“An employee’s motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager.” –Bob Nelson

What is Employee Motivation?

An employee’s intrinsic enthusiasm and drive to accomplish work-related activities is known as employee motivation.  It is the internal fire that entices them to do their best work, which then leads to greater productivity within the organization as a whole.  Without good morale and workers who are willing and able to get the job done to the best of their ability, companies find themselves in a very risky position.

It all works in a circular cycle.  Motivated employees directly result in an increase in productivity and higher levels of output.  When more work is done within a certain period of time, it allows management to in turn effectively meet company goals.  And when company goals are achieved, everyone is happy and so begins the cycle again.        

Benefits of Improving Employee Motivation

No business thrives on a high employee turnover rate.  Not only does it put a damper on work ethic, but the reputation of the company as well. Why would anybody be gung-ho about working for a company that can’t even keep a majority of its previous employees around?

When morale in the workplace is high, so is employee retention and commitment.  Employees are more likely to stick around when they are satisfied with their job and continually developing their skills.  They will be happy to come to work every day and put their best foot forward. The efficiency of a worker is not always due to knowledge and experience.  It is a balance between ability and willingness to complete a task, which stems from feeling confident in their job. A decrease in employee turnover rate in addition to an increase in employee satisfaction will put your company on the path to organizational success.

Morale Boosting Strategies

A positive work environment will make your company more lucrative as well as more efficient.  Without employees, there is no business, and without an uplifting atmosphere, there are no employees, at least any that would want to stick around.  Boosting morale is not an impossible task and can be achieved in simple ways when given proper attention.


Communication is key to keeping employees motivated.  In addition to being diligent in answering emails and questions, checking in every once in a while with employees in person is a nice way to get your message across.  Rather than staying put at your desk during lunchtime, take one of your employees out for a coffee to talk about how things are going and generally check in. This will make them feel as though their boss isn’t just their boss, but a leader who is part of the team.


People are prideful in their actions that visibly make a difference in the roadmap to reach a specific goal or outcome.  It’s always a good idea to show your employees you value their work and contributions. They will be more engaged in their work if they know that their efforts are creating an impact on the organization, regardless if it’s big or small.  Recognition can be as simple as saying, “Thank you” or “Great Job,” and the outcome of this positive reinforcement will always be increased productivity.

Workplace Environment

Sometimes employees are physically, but not mentally, present at their job because of the environment that they are expected to work in.  Conducting a survey and collecting opinions about the atmosphere of the workplace is a good idea to determine what could be changed or rearranged to please employees. There are small steps you can take to spice up the office before getting the information straight from the employees.  A positive quote posted near a spot where a majority of employees are likely to go throughout the day will get them into a good state of mind.  It is important to invest in a work environment where people want to be spending all of their time.


Allowing and encouraging employees to be involved with their job and decision-making puts them on a well-deserved pedestal.  Let them decide on things that will have a positive impact on their activity throughout the workday. Maybe they enjoy splitting their work time up between beanbags and sitting at their desk.  If that is where they will do their best work, so be it. Even when it comes to company-wide decisions, make employees feel comfortable in having a voice in the overall decision that is made.  It is important to make employees feel as though they are contributing to a greater goal and adding value to the organization.

Express Gratitude

This one goes without saying, always express gratitude.  Everyone can benefit from knowing that their work is valued and others notice and appreciate their time and effort.  It has been scientifically proven that gratitude releases dopamine and serotonin, two of the brain’s feel-good chemicals. Not only does it put people in a good mood, it leads to a better functioning brain.  Someone who is in a good mood with high functioning brain power will be a positive contributor to a more motivated team.

Use Thnks to Motivate Your Employees

Thnks has made showing gratitude easier than ever, allowing you to do so with a quick touch of a button.  Feeling like a verbal “Thank You” isn’t enough? Send your employee a coffee to let them know you are grateful for them staying late nights in the office.  Give them that boost of caffeine and a little motivational kick to encourage them to stay late more often.  Rewarding a person for their action will encourage them to perform at that caliber to hopefully receive more recognition in the future.

How about paying for your employee’s next Uber ride to let them know that their effort in hand-delivering a product sample did not go unnoticed.  There is no better feeling than thinking your subtle and spontaneous action actually did not go unnoticed. Let the people who make your organization work day in and day out know that you are always giving Thnks.

Written by:  Ariella Sharf, Editor and Founder of  Heart and Vogue