Made Your List, But Have You Checked It Twice?

Here’s Why Top Companies Don’t Forget Employee Gifting During The Holidays

It’s that time of the year again where despite the drop in temperature, holiday gifting is heating up. With client and prospect gifts prioritized, it’s easy for managers to overlook the individuals they see every day: their own employees.

Although employees will soon start ducking out of the office as seasonal vacations ensue, just because they may be out of sight doesn’t mean they should be out of mind. Have you created an employee appreciation plan yet? If not, here’s why you should.

Are You Giving To Your Employees?

This past year, 42% of employers planned on giving holiday gifts to their employees. But what about the 58% of managers who didn’t plan on giving gifts to their reports?

That stat is high, and the number of gift-less employees, even higher. Skipping employee gifting at this time of year is a huge missed opportunity to reap the benefits of positive reinforcement in the workplace, and could potentially exacerbate any existing rifts in the manager-report relationship.

If you’re a manager, strengthening your relationships with your staff goes beyond just providing verbal praise: showing them their importance through genuine acts of appreciation will help reaffirm that they are valued members of your team.

Although team budgets may not allow for gifting as a form of positive reinforcement every time an employee shines, the simple gesture of sending your employees a holiday gift will aid in strengthening your relationship, and will also grow their affinity for both you and your company.

The More Personalization, The Merrier.

Since 94% of workers want a gift from their employers during the holiday season, if you’re a manager, the pressure to decide what, when, and how to give may be rising as the clock starts ticking towards December.

Although it may seem like a struggle trying to predict what your clients, prospects, and employees would enjoy receiving this holiday season, the more personalized the gifts are, the merrier your recipients will be.

As a manager, sending a personalized gift shows them that you took time out of your busy schedule to make a gesture of appreciation and highlights that you know them on a personal level that extends beyond their title, position on your team, or 9-to-5 interactions.

It’s no question that employees are important to a business’ bottom line, and sending them a small-but-special something will encourage them to feel positive about the efforts they’ve put forth this past year as they head into 2020.

Need Help Figuring Out What Your Employees Really Want?

Struggling to find the perfect personalized gift? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

According to Instantprint, the top five most in-demand gifts that employees would like to receive from their employers during the holidays include:

  1. Gift vouchers (29%)
  2. An early finish (28.8%)
  3. Open bar at a company Christmas party (20%)
  4. A physical gift (10.3%)
  5. A charitable donation made in their name (7%)

While some of these ideas are harder to implement than others, even these small acts of appreciation will nurture your relationships with your employees, ensuring that employee recognition doesn’t fall through the cracks in the face of prioritizing client and prospect gifts.

Why It’s Important To Extend Employee Appreciation & Recognition Through The Holidays And Into Q1

With end-of-year reviews that might not go as planned, annual bonus allocations which may or may not be recognized, and notorious job-jumping January fast approaching, it’s important to incorporate employee recognition now so that your employee retention doesn’t suffer in the new year.

By giving to employees who deserve recognition this holiday season, you can help mitigate end-of-year nerves. Recognized employees will feel more valued and set to approach Q1 with stronger positive sentiments towards their work, their manager, and their organization overall.

This recognition is incredibly impactful:

Increasing recognition as Q4 comes to a close will not only enhance employee motivation, but will also save you time from filling open recs at the start of Q1.

So, Take A Minute To Appreciate And Recognize Your Employees This Holiday Season…

The brief time that it takes to send a simple gift to your employees can save you hours spent reading through resumes and scheduling interviews in the new year if your reports don’t feel appreciated this holiday season. Don’t let holiday gifting go unrecognized: search for a digital-first solution that can quickly highlight your appreciation for your employees.

Searching for a simple solution to streamline your internal appreciation programs? Thnks can help you curate, schedule, and fulfill all of your holiday and business gifting needs — allowing you to save time and focus on strengthening relationships. Request a demo to learn more!