Celebrate National Customer Service Week

National Customer Service Week is right around the corner, taking place from October 4th to October 8th, 2021! This year, maybe more than ever, it’s important to set aside time to recognize and celebrate your customer service team and all of their hard work. 

Customer service is entirely focused on helping your customers solve problems. They represent the front lines of your business and often work around the clock to take care of your customers. By being in such close contact with your customers, the customer service team is often what leaves the strongest impression about your brand and business. They keep  your customers happy, and happy customers help your business grow. When a company offers excellent customer service, 90% of consumers are more likely to purchase more, and 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases. 

The service playbook is changing - customers have high expectations, not only wanting their problems to be solved, but for your team to go above and beyond. 66% of consumers expect businesses to understand their unique needs and to not treat them like a number. The COVID-19 pandemic only amplified the importance of strong customer service. While many businesses have transitioned to remote work in the past year, your customer service team may have needed to remain in person and adapt to new protocols. 

Additionally, many customer service teams had to adapt to new tools and technologies, so that they can stay in touch over the phone, by text or email, on social media, or through live chat. As Salesforce recently pointed out, 69% of customers believe companies should offer new ways to get existing products and services in the wake of the pandemic.

These are just a few ways customer service teams have been awesome over the past year. Customer service teams deserve a round-of-applause for all their hard work! National Customer Service Week is the perfect opportunity to shower them in gratitude. Here are a handful of ideas on how you can recognize and celebrate your awesome customer service team:? 

    1. Start with simply saying “Thank you” - Sometimes, the little things can mean the most. Whether you’re a VP, a manager, or a co-worker, saying “thank you” to your customer service team this week will make them feel recognized and supported. Did you know that the #1 reason most people leave their jobs is a lack of recognition? Creating a positive environment where your employees feel appreciated will not only prevent turnover, but keep your customer service team motivated and satisfied working for your business. In fact, 53% of employees would stay longer if they felt more appreciation from their boss and 81% of employees report being motivated to work harder when they feel that their work is appreciated. Be sure to show gratitude to your team frequently, during National Customer Service Week and all year round.
    2. Send a series of Thnks - A Thnks send series is a fun way to deliver happiness to anyone over multiple days. Creating a send series with Thnks is a simple way to show your customer service team how much you appreciate them and their hard work throughout the year. The delight they’ll feel seeing a new Thnks in their inbox each day is sure to show them how much they matter. (For our Pro and Enterprise user that may be reading this: reach out to your account manager to set up a send series for your team). You can choose from one of our suggested Customer Service Week package options shown below, or customize your own Thnks each day!Thnks Customer Service Week Packages-2
    3. Recognize them personally - If a series isn’t the right fit for your National Customer Service Week celebration, sending Thnks can still be an impactful way to show appreciation. Personalized gestures of gratitude are meaningful to your team, and Thnks offers limitless options at any budget that will fit your team members’ unique personalities. Is your customer service rep a huge sports fan? Send them some new gear and food from their favorite restaurant with a Gameday Bundle. Have a support specialist who runs off of coffee? Send them a Thnks A Latte. Showing them you recognize their hard work with a gesture fit to their interests is a perfect way to celebrate.
    4. Encourage your customer service team to unwind - Depending on the size and location of your customer service team, you can set aside time for them to relax. Whether they are in-person or virtual, you can plan a yoga class, host a happy hour, or schedule a team-bonding activity to help your customer service employees feel appreciated and have fun during their special week.
    5. Make the celebration last all week long - Host a kick off breakfast on Monday, and a wrap-up recognition event on Friday. Plan different themes or organize an activity for your team to participate in each day of National Customer Service Week. Check out these two organizations for more great suggestions: https://www.nationalcustomerserviceweek.org/ and https://wp.csweek.com/ 

National Customer Service Week is the perfect opportunity to boost morale and thank your team for their hard work all year long. Be sure to do something special this year to show your customer service team how important they are to the success of your company.

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