Communicate First, Then Sell

Picture this:

You cold call a high-level prospect for the 8th time not expecting an answer.

But on the fourth ring, he picks up:


“Hello Mr. Prospect, I’m Jonathan from xyz company do you have a few minutes to discuss how we can help your business with our product?”

CLICK! He hangs up.

In frustration, you ask yourself why you couldn’t get even get two words out of him.

The Missing Step Before Selling

Human beings are naturally hardwired to develop meaningful connections. But for salespeople, it’s tough since only 3% of prospects trust them.

That’s why sales expert Peter Sage explained “Exceptional (salespeople) focus on being able to build a rapport and understand the client’s needs. In other words, there is a sincere level of appreciation…”

Building a rapport means getting responsiveness by finding a feeling a commonality. Sales masters Tony Robbins and  Marc Wayshak have explained how to achieve it almost instantly. In that, prospects develop certainty giving you the leverage to make a quicker sale, gain trust and create a relationship.

Sincere communication comes before everything in sales. It starts with rapport engaging their interest as a human, not just a prospect.

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