9 Ways to Win Deals During Your Client’s Summer Travels

Summer is officially here! The sun is out, and so are the “Out of Office” emails. One by one, they flood your inbox, slowing down business. Although your clients AND potential clients may be “Out of Office,” this doesn’t mean your business has to suffer. Here is how we recommend staying top of mind even when your clients are jet-setting off on their summer travels. Send them a THNKS and let them know you are thinking of them all the time, not just when you need their business.

Summer Sunset Tea for Two

The perfect summer drink to keep your client hydrated wherever they might be heading! These two grande iced teas will keep them and their travel companion feeling refreshed and energized.

Suggested message: “I hope you and your wife have a great trip! Stay cool and enjoy the sun.”

A Carry On Cocktail Kit Moscow Mule

Your client will have no com-planes with this boozy travel kit. Don’t forget to schedule a proper drink with them after their trip!

Suggested message: “Enjoy your vacation! Let’s grab a drink when you are back in town.”

An Airplane Travel Kit

Keep your client relaxing on Cloud 9 with this cozy travel kit. Perfect for all travels, especially when they have a long flight ahead!

Suggested message: “I know your flight to Australia is going to be a long one. Thought you could use this! Look forward to hearing all about your trip.”

An Uber Ride

Has your lead gone radio silent this summer? Send them an Uber ride to or from the airport. You bet you’ll get a response back!

Suggested message: “Safe travels! Enjoy a ride to the airport on me. Let’s chat when you are back in the office.”

A Giant Watermelon Pool Float

Some clients are really one in a melon! Keep them floating through your sales funnel even during the quiet summer months.

Suggested message: “I hear you’re going to have sunny skies all week in Miami. Enjoy the beach!”

A YETI Insulated Tumbler

Keep your prospect hydrated and refreshed wherever their travels might take them. Whether the YETI sits in their cupholder on a road trip or in first-class heading to Paris, your prospect will be thinking of you with every sip they take. Not to mention all the times they use it after that!

Suggested message: “Have a safe trip! Thought you would enjoy a travel mug to keep your coffee hot. Let me know when you are back so we can finally get a time on the calendar!”

Bonavita Terre Siciliane Rosato

Wine flies when your clients are having fun! Make sure they have YOU to thank for that fun. Send them a bottle of Bonavita Terre Siciliane Rosato to make their summer rooftop nights a little more special.

Suggested message: “Have a great Friday night! You deserve the break. Thank you for all your hard work pushing the deal through this week.”

Portable Cornhole Game Set

Everyone loves a game of cornhole on the beach. Send your client traveling with their family a cornhole set for some family fun on the beach. They’ll be honored you not only thought of them but their family too!

Suggested message: “Have a blast at the beach! Thought your family might enjoy a fun beach game – it’s one of my kid’s favorites!”

Omaha Steaks Absolute Feast

“I’ll bring the steaks!” Surprise your client with steaks for their summer cookout. They’ll be thankful all weekend long and have a full and grateful stomach. Pair it with the Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill for an added flare.

Suggested message: “Enjoy your summer cookout! Here are some steaks to get you started. Let’s grab a Steak dinner when you’re back in the office.”

No matter what you send, make sure to send it with gratitude. For more suggestions, reach out to our Thnks gift concierge.

Written by: Jillian Klinvex, Business Development at Thnks