7 Tips to Smash your Holiday Gifting

With labor day behind us and the end of the year fast approaching, people and businesses are turning their attention to the holidays. While it’s a jolly time for families and friends, the holidays can often equate to stress in the world of business— especially when it comes to holiday gifting.

So, whether you’re tasked with securing last-minute sales, showing appreciation to your clients, or saying thank you to your colleagues for a year of hard work, we’ve got tips to help you through the holiday season.

1. Plan and Execute Early

The holidays have a tendency to sneak up on people. Don’t be stressed trying to throw together a last-minute gifting campaign.

Take the time to layout and schedule your plans in September/October so all you need to do is enjoy the holiday spirit come end-of-year. Your future self will thank you.

2. Spread the Gratitude

It takes a TEAM to make every business succeed, so why only thank one person?

Make a point to show appreciation to all of your contacts and team. Not only does it deepen those relationships, but it provides cover in case of new year job transitions.

3. Be Thoughtful and Relevant

Everyone appreciates thoughtful personalization, so be sure to personalize both your gift and the accompanying message.

Think about their interests and your relationship. Send that book you were discussing, a shared hobby, or an experience you know they’ll enjoy.

4. Re-establish the Connection

Sometimes in business, relationships can go cold. Reaching out with a gesture of appreciation during the holidays is a great way to warm the chilly air and get a fresh start.

5. Tier Your List

Santa’s not the only one with a list that needs to be checked twice.

While it’s important to appreciate all those people who have helped your business throughout the year, some relationships will have been particularly impactful.

Focus some extra effort and resources to find the right gift to show how truly valued they are.

6. Don’t use a “Thask” (Thanks + Ask)

While it’s tempting to ask for the thing you need alongside your gift, not asking explicitly actually works best and is more in line with the holiday spirit.

Don’t worry, the principles of reciprocity themselves will significantly increase the chances that your next ‘ask’ is not pushed off or ignored.

Keep an eye out for when your gift is redeemed to help guide your next follow-up.

7. Follow the Rules

Some companies have strict rules or compliance regulations around gifting, which can be a headache. These are important to follow but can be a pain to comb through.

The easiest solution? Simply use a gifting platform (like Thnks) to ensure you’re remaining compliant.

Saying thanks and showing appreciation during the holidays is crucial for every business, and by following our 7 tips, you can be sure to avoid the stress that can follow.

Want to streamline your holiday gifting? Thnks can help you curate, schedule and fulfill all of your holiday and business gifting needs— allowing you to avoid the headaches that come with it. Request a demo to learn more!