5 Gratitude Goals for 2022

It’s that time of year to set your New Year’s resolutions. A new year means a fresh start and an opportunity to decide your new goals for 2022 in both business and your personal life. Here at Thnks, we’re always thinking of ways we can best express our gratitude. So in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, here are some practices to keep in mind that are sure to help you build long-lasting and meaningful relationships. 

Goal 1 - Making gratitude a regular habit 

It’s easy to associate gratitude with specific times of the year, such as the holidays. But why not make it a regular habit? As our Co-Founder and CEO, Brendan Kamm, recently shared in an interview with Authority Magazine, Thnks is all about incorporating appreciation into business relationships so that showing gratitude is not a rarity, but rather the norm. As Brendan would say, “lead with empathy and appreciation.” The more of a habit you create by showing gratitude, the more your business and personal relationships will grow and flourish.

Goal 2 - Focus on personalization

Everyone can send out corporate swag or other generic gifts to clients, but not everyone actually takes the time to send personalized gestures of appreciation. By doing this, you are making the recipient feel heard and appreciated, instead of promoting yourself or your brand. Personalization isn’t something we see a lot in business, therefore it’s a surefire way to stand out. Take that extra time to send something that will really show your co-worker or client how much you care. 

Goal 3 - Have a daily gratitude journal  

Take 10 minutes out of your morning each day to write down one thing you're grateful for. In addition, also write down and take note of the people who have helped you achieve success. When you are able to sit down and reflect on these people and moments in your life, it helps you best show them that you’re appreciative of their guidance or help. This will certainly get you in the spirit of sharing gratitude and help you show it more frequently.

Goal 4 - Proactively thinking more about others 

A big part of building and supporting better relationships is making sure that you’re an active listener when speaking with others. Make sure you’re taking note of what people are saying in conversations and not just thinking about what you're going to say next. Once you have mastered active listening, you will realize how showing gratitude is simple. For instance, if someone tells you they just got a puppy, send them a thank you or follow up note with a puppy toy. If someone says they are sick, send them a get well note with a cup of chicken noodle soup. The more you listen, the more you learn ways to make people feel appreciated.

Goal 5 - Smile more! 

It is often said that you use less muscles in your face when you smile than when you frown. Smiling can even reduce stress. The most important decision you can make every day is to have a good attitude. It has the power to change your outlook on everything. Thinking positively will foster a gratitude mindset and help you show your appreciation for others in meaningful ways.