Building stronger relationships

What is Thnks?

Thnks is a gifting mobile app that lets anyone send thoughtful, digital gifts. Our goal is help strengthen relationships, whether it be business or personal.

Why use Thnks?

The average sales person spends more than $300 every month on small gestures of appreciation. Thnks personalizes and simplifies those gestures.

What’s the catch?

There is no cost for using the Thnks platform or software. Customers simply pay a small service fee on gifts sent via Thnks.

Meet the team

Brendan Kamm
Co-Founder & CEO

Michelle Ross
Co-Founder & COO

Larry Rubin
Co-Founder & Chairman

Candace Press
Director of CX & Analytics

Michael Yoon

Have questions?

Part of a team? Need bulk ordering & sending options? Looking for a gift that is not currently in Thnks?

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